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Marigold Interior Designers Mentorship Programme is a professional development strategy that focusses on connecting individuals who are interested in building their interior design skills and knowledge. The programme will provide interior designers with information gathered from experienced industry professionals, with the aim of enhancing skills and proficiency.

The Marigold Mentorship Programme intends to promote career development among interior designers; keeping them abreast with current industry knowledge and trends, enhancing their ability to deliver professional services to their clients.

The Marigold Interior Designers Mentorship Programme will help interior designers to:

  1. Keep pace with current knowledge
  2. Maintain and enhance knowledge and skills required for professional service delivery, while meeting clients’ needs
  3. Advance your interior design career and give you the courage to take up more challenging projects
  4. Improve the quality of interior design services offered

The Mentorship Programme is composed of seven modules:

  1. Introduction and History of Interior Design
  2. Basics of Interior Design: Elements and Principles
  3. Colour
  4. Styles of Interior Design
  5. The Interior Design Process
  6. Material for Construction, Material for Finishes and Project Management
  7. Entrepreneurship for Interior Designers: Interior Design Business


Each module costs KES 12,000/=

Application Procedure:

To register for this Programme, visit Sign Upto sign up!

For more information, please send an email to: info@marigoldinteriors.co.ke