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Interior Design: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Like most art professions, interior design is not spared when it comes to myths and misconceptions. Despite the rise in creating awareness about the industry, most individuals still have scanty information about the profession and are yet to appreciate the value it adds to enhancing lifestyles.

Myth 1: ‘If I can do it myself, is there need to contract an interior designer?’

Interior designers not only provide you with a professional assessment and perspective of how to plan, design and style your space, but also give an analysis of what items can be repurposed without having to spend more money. Designers are trained to identify the most basic of details that ordinary people may not notice. Further, interior designers have access to a wider variety of resources that may not be readily available to the public. From their networks and past experiences, they are aware of where to get plumbers, painters, electricians and other contractors as may be required. This saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent on researching or looking for suitable contractors.

Myth 2: Interior design is for large spaces

There is a common assumption amongst people postulating that interior design costs an arm and a leg; and is only relevant for large spaces. The thought that a space is too small to undergo the interior design process is wide of the mark. In this case, interior designers are knowledgeable about space planning, and that gives them skill to make small spaces appear even bigger. Moreover, interior designers work on a budget as provided by the client and save them unnecessary purchases.

Myth 3: Interior design is all about colors

Color is a critical element of interior design. Colors enhance space, evokes a myriad of emotions and even triggers different thoughts. But there is more to interior design than just color. Interior designers are also knowledgeable about indoor and outdoor space planning, space design, light balancing and selection of fixtures. To add, interior designers offer critical advice to architects and ensure that at the end of the project, the space is not only functional, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Myth 4: The interior designer’s style prevails

This myth posits that interior designers impose their preferred styles and ideas on the client. Designers are well aware that individuals are unique, and that each one of them has a preferred style, idea and/or vision for their homes and offices. Interior designers bring to life what the client envisions, not only to make their spaces visually appealing, but also to make the spaces representative of their personalities.

Myth 5: Qualifications are not necessary

While an interior designer needs to be passionate and interested about the art, academic and professional qualifications are just as important. Possession of solid knowledge and skills acquired through learning is vital. This knowledge allows the designer to appropriately analyse the client’s needs, understand their style and preference, appreciate their vision, and go on to create a space that is functional and meets the needs of the client.

The Team at Marigold Interior Designers is going over and beyond to demystify these myths and misconceptions by creating awareness about the profession and offering extra-ordinary and creative interior design services.