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Interior Design and Décor: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Curtains

Curtains are an extremely effective way to add dimension to any design. Other than the practical use they have, they add an aesthetic value within the space. Curtains are not only important for ensuring that you have privacy, but they also control the amount of light that penetrates into the room. Usually, curtains are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs and most individuals peg their decision on cost, quality and the style they are going for. Whether it is rustic, urban, or contemporary, it is easy for an interior designer to guide you as you look to get new curtains for your home. An American interior designer by the name Michael Smith stated that ‘curtains should enhance the room not overwhelm it.

As is our norm, this blog will give you interior design hacks, with specificity to things to consider before buying curtains.

  1. Fabric and Texture

Would you like linen, velvet, silk, lace or polyester. Are you looking for natural or synthetic fibres? It is vital to consider the fabric you will purchase. For example, if you live in the highlands where it is mostly cold and rainy, you might consider getting a heavier fabric as that is likely to make your house warmer. For persons within the coastal strip and other hot regions, a light-gauge material like lace or silk would work well.

  1. Pattern and Coordination

The market is filled with plenty of different, unique patterns, and settling on one can be quite a task. However, when choosing a pattern, interior designers advice that the selection should be based on the décor in the room. There is need for the pattern to blend with the décor so that neither the curtains nor the décor appears to be out of place.

  1. Height

Height is often considered as the most important factor in the selection process. In interior design, it is expected that the curtain is long enough and extends past the window and land just above the floor. For a more traditional style, you can make it longer so that it drags along the ground. One of the interior design hacks state that if you want to make your ceilings look higher than they actually are, hang your curtains a few inches above your windows.

These long and flowy curtains are best for bedrooms and living rooms. Kitchens windows are usually dressed in shorter curtains.

Moreover, it is important to measure the width of the windows so as to determine the width of the curtains to purchase, and the percentage of gathers to include.

  1. Colour

Select the colour of your curtains, first, on the basis of the colour of paint on your walls. Pick a colour that compliments what is already there. If you want to be safe, go for neutral colours. If you decide to make a bold colour selection, pick one that is represented in your décor.

  1. Curtain Box versus Curtain Rod

When fitting a curtain, have at the back of your mind what hanging option you have. The stitches for curtains to go on a rod are different from those that go on a box.

As you sit by your window and watch the transition from day to night; think about the perfect window treatment for your space. Always consider that other than functionality, aesthetics is just as important. With plenty of options, one can easily feel overwhelmed and thus, having pointers to guide your selection process is important. We as Marigold Interior Designers are available to walk this selection journey with you. Write to us today at info@marigoldinteriors.co.ke for more information or call us + 25497772784