Interior Design: 7 Best Modules for a Mentorship Programme

The dynamics of the interior design industry revolve around the identification of sustainable solutions for existing and foreseen challenges. Carrying out a needs assessment in interior design practice allows the designer to lay a foundation for the project at hand. Likewise, to ensure that interior designers are able to do this skillfully and execute their tasks with unmatched precision, it is expected that they have undergone a form of training or professional mentorship.
As the industry continues to attract more popularity, more and more people start to practice it. Most of these individuals have no formal training in interior design but still have creative minds and are passionate about the art. Following an industry assessment, the Team at Marigold Interior Designers established a gap and an intervention strategy to fill it.
This year, the company developed and launched the Marigold Interior Designers Mentorship Programme. This programme is the first of its kind. Whether you are an interior design professional with formal training from an institution of higher learning, a practitioner with no formal training, or even a passionate individual; this programme is for you. This programme is for everyone. The beauty about it is that it is online-based and therefore, overcomes all geographical limitations. Moreover, there are no age limits.
The programme is made up of seven interesting modules:
1. Introduction and History of Interior Design
What is interior design? What makes a good interior designer? Trace back the origin and development of interior design.
2. Basics of Interior Design: Elements and Principles
What principles and elements do you need to successfully design and implement an interior design project? These elements and principles can be used universally for residential, hospitality and commercial interior design.
3. Colour
What emotions do different colours evoke? What are the meanings associated with certain colours? How about the colour glossary and how to use the colour wheel?
4. Styles of Interior Design
Is it urban, modern contemporary, rustic, or bohemian? Discover the multiple design styles that exist and how to effectively integrate them into spaces.
5. The Interior Design Process
What steps does an interior designer follow from the beginning of a project? Discover what happens after a designer conducts a site visit.
6. Material for Construction, Material for Finishes and Project Management
There is a wide range of material used during the process, how do you select the perfect type of material for a certain space? Learn how to manage project tasks and monitor progress at the formative and summative stages of the project.
7. Entrepreneurship for Interior Designers: Interior Design Business
Now, learn how to start your own business, how to write a business plan and how to communicate effectively as an interior designer.

Over the years, urbanisation and globalisation have brought about the evolution in lifestyles. Now, most people look at spaces and instantly ponder over how they can make it more appealing. Everyone would like to have a space, whether at home, at the office or at their business premises that is aesthetically pleasing yet practical; and those visions are usually completely achievable. The modules in this mentorship programme will guide a designer to realise all these visions. Going through each module will not only equip the mentee with current industry knowledge but an experience to visit a site with their mentors, and have a chance to practically apply the acquired information.
We all have dreams about the design styles we would like to have in our spaces, but that is only conceivable when one is guided by an interior designer. This mentorship programme is the epicentre of our dreams.
Make someone’s dream come true by signing up today at https://training.marigoldinteriors.co.ke/register/ for the Marigold Interior Designers Mentorship Programme with an investment of Ksh.12,000/- per module.