Yellow Marigold Interior Designers

Colours and Meanings

Colours are more than the visual characteristic of light. Colours go beyond visual appeals; they evoke different feelings and pass across different meanings. Colour has a deep inspiration on space and the people using it.

Often times, people choose colours for their spaces based on their preferences, with little thought into whether their choice of colour matches the aesthetics of their homes or offices. And hey! There is need to consider personal preferences but not at the expense of the colour psychology theory. The colours selected for interior design and décor greatly affect the atmosphere. They not only affect how we feel but also, how we act and think. Individuals also need to accurately evaluate, with the help of an interior designer, whether the selection of colours contrasts or coordinate.

The selection of colours is vital.  Today, we feature five colours and provide quick and easy tips for the application of those colours:

Orange – Looks good when used in spaces where large groups of people congregate as it improves social behaviour. Orange is a fantastic colour to use as an accent. Throw around some bright orange cushions to brighten up a dull colour scheme, add some orange flowers to a vase to enliven the room.

Yellow – It is an innovative colour, sharpens the memory, and is perfect for the office environment. It is wonderful for using accessories like tiebacks, valances, lamps, vases, cushions and paintings.

Purple / Lavender/ Violet – It looks fabulous when used in fabrics, especially, when teamed up with the complementary yellow. It is elegant when well balanced and perfect for a formal living room or dining area.

Blue – It is a very popular colour and is often regarded as a safe colour in interior decorating. It is a calming colour, great for use in bedrooms and bathrooms. It is useful for children’s bedrooms as they can simply alter the colour of the accents and accessories as they get older and change the way blue looks.

Brown – Brown is a warm and safe colour, it encapsulates or desires to have natural things around us. Teamed with the neutral white, it provides a high contrast look and is frequently seen in fabrics and wallpapers. It is seen a lot in ceramics and earthenware, great for decoration, house plants, and exterior pots and sculptures.