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Accent Walls, Tips and Tricks

An accent also referred to as a feature wall is any wall that is painted in a different colour, has a different design, shade or material compared to the other adjacent walls. Interior designers often use accent walls as a sure-fire way to transform spaces and make the room pop. In as much as they are easy to create, there are multiple design elements and principles that ought to be considered before setting up an accent wall. To mitigate those mistakes and to ensure that the wall created is an actualization of your vision, it is advisable to have an interior designer on board. Blunders such as having an accent wall that is either too dark or too light or out of place based on the existing décor can be avoided.

Accent walls have gained popularity and remain to be a trend in interior design. Often times, people struggle with finding the appropriate one to make an accent. Interior designers posit that any wall can be an accent wall – all you need to do is pay attention to the architectural features in the room. However, if not put well, the wall will look misplaced and odd.

When creating an accent wall, it is important to choose colours or wallpapers that will coordinate with the fixtures or other pieces that will be placed against the wall. Another important practice is to have a feature wall that is solid; meaning that they have no doors or windows.

There are several ways to create these feature walls:

  1. Paint – this is the easiest and most common way of creating an accent. When selecting colours, choose a shade that will inspire you and improve your mood. You can also just paint a portion of your wall such as the fireplace. Before painting, ensure that the other walls are not competing.
  2. Wallpaper – is a stunning choice for accent walls. There is an increase in the production of trendy wallpaper designs. For persons not looking for a permanent feature, a wallpaper is the go-to idea. Wallpapers are ideal for renters because it is a temporary and clever way to personalize your space.
  3. Panelling – wood panelling is a process where wood products that are either flat or curved are bonded together with an adhesive. This is an especially perfect alternative for individuals who are not big on colour. Panelling helps to create dimension.

Before making the decision to accentuate a wall, consider the following hints:

  1. Choose a symmetrical wall, settle on one that is not slopy.
  2. The other architectural aspects that are in-built such as a fireplace will ensure that the wall is at the intended focal point
  3. It doesn’t have to be a wall! The ceiling could just be it for you. Make it darker or lighter based on the feel you are going for.

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